Post-Process 6.3

5. Examples

In this section some basic examples of the use of the post-process functionality are shown. For the examples a case of the MOM Module is considered. Obtain the radiation of four planes of 250mm per side centered at points (0,0,0), (0,0,0.25), (0,0,5.25) and (0,0,5.5), on mm units, at 5.0 GHz, using a plane wave source with default parameters and the default solver parameters. The are two 'Onservation Points' defined: two planes of 100x100 mm centerd at (0 0 -0.5) and (0,0,6), on mm units and with 11x11 points.


To see more information about the chart options (when clicking on the rigth button over a chart) see section 7. Annex I "Graphics advanced options" on GUI User-Guide.



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