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Computer tool for designing reflectarrays and ultra-conformed reflector antennas.

October 16, 2014 13:40

Reflectarray antennas have received a great interest from many researchers due to three main advantages: low volume compared with classical reflectors, can be fitted to most flat or curved surfaces and have flexibility to fit many specifications. However reflectarrays present some important disadvantages: relative small bandwidth, high losses and difficulties of building at millimeter and higher frequencies.

newFASANT present a design approach for reflectarrays and for only metallic reflectarrays (ultra-conformed reflectors). These last antennas maintain the previously mentioned advantages but have a larger bandwidth and are relatively easy to built at millimeter and higher frequencies with low losses. The new approach gives design of conducting reflectors with small corrugations with efficiency close to classical reflectors and bandwidth of 30% or higher.

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