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Introducing an updated IR Module

July 14, 2017 12:15

We recently made some improvements in the module to simulate more thermal phenomena with more accuracy and efficiency. If you never heard about our IR Module or if you want to know what’s new, here are some updates about it.

What is the IR Module?

Using IR, you can perform thermal analysis and generate infrared images of terrestrial and maritime scenarios, as well as analyze other radiometry parameters such as the transmittance or the radiance.

This product has civil and defense applications such as the analysis of heat loss and transfers in terrestrial and maritime vehicles as well as multiple uses for the design process of manufactured objects.

What kind of parameters can the user set up?

newFASANT IR module allows to model the scenario using multiple parameters:

  • Numerous environmental parameters related to the atmospheric conditions (humidity, pressure), wind, sun,  sea level…
  • Thermal materials parameters. Our materials database covers a wide range of materials, but you can add your new material into your own database.
  • Fixed heat sources that are part of the geometry of the model.

What can I expect from this module?

newFASANT offers a range of output results, such as Thermal Analysis, Spectral Densities, Radiation Patterns and Heat Transfer. You can use the software to generate infrared images and you can analyze the radiation at multiple distances from the scene simulated. 

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