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Introducing our new User Interface

April 27, 2015 15:39

newFASANT is introducing its new GUI, which utilizes a fully rebuilt interface. This new interface employing faster solvers transforms the suite into one of the most powerful EM simulation tools in the market today, allowing the user to solve the most complex problems, while making use of a tab-based navigation system and an interface where all features are accesible from the main window.

This GUI presents some new interesting features:

Improved geometry file support
Import and export geometries with nur, iges, step, dxf, msh, stl, nas extensions.

Command line input and scripting support for automatic tasks
The GUI provides a powerful console to expedite building geometries. It also allows the users to automate tasks using scripts, which is a very useful function that improves working efficiency when doing repeated tasks.

Every dimension value and/or any GUI object specification can be parametrized, which offers the ability to optimize every feature of a model.

Better memory usage
Improved memory handling for a better user experience.

Custom-Post-procesing of simulation results
Users can build an execute their own post-processing operations to obtain, in the simplest way possible, new results calculated from the original results returned by the kernel. 

Divide geometries into layers which can be hidden/shown, selected or have its color changed individually.

Windows and Linux support
This new version is available for both linux and windows systems with native support for x86 and amd64 (32 and 64 bits) architectures. This turns the suite into a perfect option for working environments where there are multiple workstation configurations.

Much more
Mouse drawing, model selection, pick mouse, layers, tree navigation panel, reference plane…

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