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New features on newFASANT: dynamics and parametrics simulations.

October 16, 2014 13:43

newFASANT includes new features to generate dynamics and parametrics simulations for Monurbs, GTD, Doppler and Pogcros modules.

Dynamics Simulations

Dynamics Simulations is a new approach that achieves analysis of scenarios where some objects and/or antennas can changed their position over time. NewFasant includes an option to simulate several projects, which have been defined previously, one after another in GTD, Monurbs and Doppler modules.

Parametrics Simulations

Parametric simulation allows the user to make several simulations by varying geometric parameters. It can be used in Monurbs, GTD and Pogcros modules. The most important advantages of this functionality are the ease of doing many simulations varying the value of the parameters, and the ability to compare the results of all these simulations. The values of the parameters can be inserted manually, using conditional equations (calculating a parameters based on the value of another parameter), and by lineal variation.

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