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newFASANT 6.2.10 Silver Version is now available

May 03, 2018 10:14

We have updated our Free Silver Edition with the latest improvements and changes made by newFASANT in the last months. These new features are available in newFASANT 6.2.10, which has been already rolling out to some of our customers.

Our Silver Version is a free newFASANT Edition designed for every user. If you want to try for free newFASANT, get our latest Silver Version at

 New highlights in MOM Module.

This release features new improvements made in the MOM module:

  • Kernel MOM hybrid

Development of a hybrid scheme for the parallelization of the MoM tool for use in HPC platforms. OpenMP is an efficient technique to be applied to shared memory computers, while MPI was created to obtain parallelism in distributed memory machines. HPC platforms are usually composed of several machines, each one composed of several cores that can access any memory address of the machine. Therefore, HPC platforms are a combination of distributed memory machines composed of several cores that share memory. Because of this, a parallel scheme that combines the OpenMP / MPI paradigms is the most useful for this type of platform

  •  Different types of feeding in the horns used in the MOM module.

The user can set on the feed of the horns with different kinds, such as monopole, electric dipole, ports, etc.

 Batch, now also in REMOTE!!

This version of newFASANT offers you Batch on Remote. This option lets you select multiple projects and execute them one by one.

In addition to this, newFASANT allows the remote execution of electromagnetic simulations, so that you can use the graphical interface locally but perform the intensive calculations on a remote machine. This, in turn, will allow clients to delegate the computationally costly process involved in an EM simulation to dedicated clusters or workstations with higher computational resources.

US Module

newFASANT offers to you a new module to do UltraSounds simulations: the US module!!!

The US module is a powerful simulation tool that computes several parameters of systems that use ultrasound wave by applying the Geometrical Theory of Diffraction (GTD). With this module, the user can compute the sound pressure field at any given point, the time-domain simulation of the delay process at a given point, allowing the user to visualize the observed sound pressure at a given point, compute the coupling between an ultrasound source and an ultrasound receiver, analyze the Doppler effect when the ultrasound source, objects and/or observation points are moving with respect to an each other.

  • Closed Loop Simulation

The US module facilitates the integration with external tools thanks to its closed-loop simulation support, which allows running multiple simulations in quick succession changing the parameters before each simulation.

Simulations on HPC system with Linux environment using LSF o SLURM (only available in the full version)
The V6.2.10 version can be run on an HPC system with Linux environment using the LSF or SLURM queue manager.

So, a new version of Moment Method code has been developed with a hybrid version of MPI and OpenMP paradigms to speed up the simulations in an HPC environment.

 Minor changes and stability improvements

  • Frequency-dependent materials in the MoM and Momcros modules.

newFASANT offers to the user a new way to add materials, assigning the physical properties of the material according to the frequency.

  • New Windows of the materials menu

The windows of the material menus have been changed, improving their usability.

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