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newFASANT 6.2.10 Silver Version is now available

April 02, 2019 13:06

Do you know newFASANT Silver Version?

If you know it.

We are delighted that our users are aware of the latest improvements of newFASANT, for this reason, with the new versión of newFASANT Silver, you have a chance to test the latest improvements and new features in almost all the modules in which the newFASANT team has been working on the last months and which makes this tool more powerful .

If you don’t know it.

Would you like to test a powerful and efficiency electromagnetic simulation tool? newFASANT Silver Version is a free electromagnetic simulation tool similar to our complete professional versions, limited in terms of the problem size, that offers to anyone in one single package a broad range of computational electromagnetic techniques bundled with a sophisticated and easy-to-use user interface.

Our Silver Version is a free newFASANT Edition designed for every user. If you want to try for free newFASANT, get our latest Silver Version at

Don’t hesitate to try it!!

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