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newFASANT 6.2.8 Silver Edition is now available

March 15, 2017 15:45

Earlier this week we released to the public the latest Silver version for newFASANT. newFASANT Silver Version is a free electromagnetical simulation tool similar to our complete professional versions, limited in terms of the problem size, that offers to anyone in one single package a broad range of computational electromagnetic techniques bundled with a sophisticated and easy-to-use user interface.


For the 6.2.8 update, we relaxed the computational limits for the Silver Version. Upgrade now to simulate projects with up to 100,000 subdomains when using MoM approaches. Plus, meshes can have up to 50,000 patches and scenarios can have, at most, 200 surfaces for the geometrical models.

This version comes with new and exciting features. The IR module has now a more accurate kernel and a more powerful GUI. They will provide better results to the simulations and offer a better experience to users.

The newFASANT Wizard

The new Wizard will make easier to create new projects and to set the initial parameters for your projects, such as the frequency units. It is possible to create empty projects specialized for a particular kind of task, or to use one of our example projects, that can be used to test the capabilities of our software suite, or to be replaced or extended with your own geometries to be used in new simulations.

Additionally, this version introduces improvements in many areas of the suite, including the reflectarray analysis for the PO and MOM modules and in the ray-tracing for GTD and GTD-PO modules. There are improvements in the command line and plot viewer too.

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