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newFASANT - Application for the analysis of collision avoidance in automobiles

November 07, 2015 15:13

We are pleased to announce the first electromagnetic software tool that solves in an efficient and accurate manner the simulation of collision avoidance (as well as pedestrian protection) radar systems in real environments.


Despite being a very powerful tool, it is easy to use, fast and user-friendly. It allows the modelization of the behavior of antennas located on different parts of the car as well as the propagation in complex urban scenarios or scattering considering all the elements contained in the geometry, and returns power, frequency shifts and delays that are used to obtain the location and speed of the different elements on the scene.


Technical Specifications:

This new tool automatically combines the GTD and PO high frequency techniques for the RCS analysis of complex bodies (airplanes, satellites, terrestrial vehicles, ships and more) as well as large urban environments. Different parts of the scenario are classified to be analyzed using GTD or PO according to their geometrical features and the simulation parameters, which renders a superb combination of efficiency and accuracy.

Some of the features offered by this tool at the present time are:


  • New 6.2 user interface, including the command-line window and the possibility of writing, storing and loading scripts.
  • Parametric simulations.
  • The user can specify the sensitivity threshold for the automatic GTD/PO classification using one single parameter.
  • It is possible to compute arbitrary order effects, including combinations of reflection, diffraction and creeping waves.
  • The geometry can contain arbitrary material properties.
  • Source type: Dipoles, Radiation Pattern, Multipole Expansion (precomputed).

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