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newFASANT Free Students Version

July 24, 2015 21:38

We are pleased to announce that a FREE student version of our EM simulation suite newFASANT can now be downloaded from our website.


This student version has a restriction of a maximum of 50000 subdomains for the MOM approaches, 100 surfaces for the geometrical models of the scenarios and up to 25000 patch elements for the meshes. It also has a time limitation until December 31, 2015. We plan to release updated student licenses before the end of 2015, which will be valid until the end of 2016.


This version is only available for windows 64bits platforms compatible with OpenGL.


To obtain this new version please click on the following url and fill in the ‘download’ form. You will then be able to download the newFASANT student version and enjoy it until December 31, 2015.




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