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newFASANT post-process tool

May 04, 2015 13:33

newFASANT post-process is a powerful new tool that allows the user to display custom defined results from a single simulation, or from multiple simulations. With the newFASANT post-processing tool you can define how the simulation results are displayed for interpretation by the user. Users can display the results using four possible methods:

  • Table: displays de results as a table with all the calculated values.
  • Plot: displays the results as a line plot that represents the results obtained for each domain represented within one or more simulations.
  • Diagram: displays the simulation results as a color coded 2D or 3D diagram.
  • Text File: displays the results as plain text, showing the results file for one or more simulations.

Customize new traces

The post-processing tool allows the user to configure how the simulation results are displayed for interpretation, and manipulated with user defined formulas to extract application specific information.

The options that can be configured are:

Domain: Allows the user to select a parameter to display the results as a function. For each value of this parameter will visualize one value of the result, corresponding with the value of the parameter.

Parameters: Allows the user to configure the options for each domain. This windows is specific for the results type selected and has parameters such as “step”, “frequency”, “cut” (for far field), “point”, “observation” (for near field), and “Angular Average” for results of a domain in degrees and trace type as table, plot or diagram.

Trace: Allows the user to customize the display of results with an optional operation on the selected results.

Operation: Allows the user to select a mathematical  operation to apply to the trace results. The main operations are listed in the post-processing guide at

  • Trigonometric operations
  • Power operations
  • Logarithmic operations
  • dB conversions (and vice verse)
  • FFT
  • Arithmetics operations

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