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newFASANT will attend the ATMS India 2016 in Goa

January 21, 2016 15:31

A delegation from newFASANT will attend the ATMS India 2016 in Goa from Feb 01 to 03.

newFASANT will be introducing newFASANT V6.2.4 with its new user friendly GUI, and will be demonstrating all of its features for designing and analyzing antenna elements and arrays, scattering analysis of targets, propagation in user defined environments, MIMO analysis, radome design and analysis, reflectarrays and transmitarrays, conformal reflectors, and much more.

The event will take place in Goa, from Feb 01 to 03 at Hotel Novotel Goa Shrem Resort. You will find us at the Exhibition Area, where you can witness demonstrations of the powerful features of newFASANT V6.2.4, including on-board antennas, radome design and analysis, arrays, and much more.

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