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Research Project: New Electromagnetic Simulation Algorithms

November 14, 2015 19:00


The goal of this project is the development of new efficient algorithms for the improvement of numeric methods for the electromagnetic analysis (for frequencies ranging from microwaves to THz) of: antennas, antennas mounted on platforms, electromagnetic propagation and scattering. The benefits of this improvements will be directly applicable to many areas:

  • - Radio-propagation simulation at high frequency
  • - Eco-radar simulation
  • - Antenna analysis, design and optimization in all types of vehicles and aircrafts



The improvements will include:

  • - A new algorithm for the calculation of the Green's function in multilayer media.
  • - Feeding models for the analysis of square and circular waveguides, microstrip lines, slotlines, coaxial and striplines.
  • - Rigorous and hybrid algorithms for the analysis of radiation, electromagnetic recepcion and scattering of antennas on very large structures.
  • - Methods and algorithms for the reconstruction of geometric models for subsequent electromagtenic simulation.



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