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The newFASANT online forum is now officially open!

October 11, 2016 12:57

We have all felt some time in that situation. You find yourself in the need of help, but no matter how many times you read the official documentation, it seems like nothing can help you solve your particular problem.

Recently at newFASANT we have been making some improvements that are designed to better help our customers to help them getting their job done. And, one of the features that we have designed to provide a better support, is to provide a Support Forum.

The newFASANT forums can be accesed at If you are looking for help, you should totally check them out and give them a try. It is a more open and personal way for getting help, in a more structured way. Messages can be managed in threads, so you can reply to messages and build a discussion in order to solve a problem or get information on a particular topic. Anyone can ask, anyone can answer.

We are still looking for ways to provide better services to our customers. We also recently updated our user guides section to make them easier to look up and read, and we also added a feedback box so that you can tell us your opinion on the contents of our user guides. If you want to provide direct feedback or ask anything to us, as usual, you can get in touch directly with us at our Contact form.

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