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newFASANT 6.2.10 Silver Version is now available
Do you know newFASANT? Our Silver Version is a free newFASANT Edition designed for every user. If you want to try for free newFASANT, get our latest Silver Version at

newFASANT 6.2.10 Silver Version is now available
We have updated our free Silver Edition with the latest improvements and changes made by newFASANT in the last months.

newFASANT 6.2.9 Silver Version is now available
We’ve updated our Free newFASANT Silver Edition, with some of the new features we’ve been working on for the last months.

Introducing an updated IR Module
We recently made some improvements in the module to simulate more thermal phenomena with more accuracy and efficiency.

newFASANT 6.2.8 Silver Edition is now available
Earlier this week we released the latest Silver version for newFASANT, a free electromagnetical simulation tool similar to our complete professional versions with limitations on the problem size.

The newFASANT online forum is now officially open!
We are introducing the newFASANT support forums, so you can get help and discuss topics on a more personal and direct way.

Announcing our Affiliation with RTS Scientific Co.
We would like to announce the RTS Scientific Co. is our new reseller/distributor partner fornewFASANT in North America (Canada and USA).

A new version of newFASANT Silver is now available
It is available a new version with improvements to existing features and new features

newFASANT at AP/URSI 2016 in Fajardo, Puerto Rico, June 26-July 1, 2016
newFASANT will attend the AP-S/URSI 2016 conference in Fajardo, Puerto Rico. We will present the new features of newFASANT in an oral session.

newFASANT offers you 3 kinds of EM newFASANT versions fully adjusted to your needs and your budget
Introducing newFASANT Gold Version, capable of addressing the vast majority of your computational simulation needs, now for the extremely affordable price of only 999€!

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