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A new version of newFASANT Student Version is now available
newFASANT Student Version is similar to the full professional version, except it's limited in terms of problem size, making it a good solution for students in order to gain experience with CEM tools.

Research Project: New Electromagnetic Simulation Algorithms
The goal of this project is the development of new efficient algorithms for the improvement of numeric methods for the electromagnetic analysis for antennas.

newFASANT - Application for the analysis of collision avoidance in automobiles
Introducing the first EM simulation tool that solves in an efficient and accurate manner the simulation of collision avoidance (as well as pedestrian protection) radar systems in real environments.

newFASANT Free Students Version
We are pleased to announce that a FREE student version of our EM simulation suite newFASANT can now be downloaded from our website, available now for 64-bit versions of Windows.

New Resources & Downloads center
In newFASANT we are always improving in order to simplify our customers' work, and because of this we have created our new “resources & downloads center” in the newFASANT website.

newFASANT v6.2: GTD antenna coupling demonstration in urban scenario
Here we show how to perform a GTD analysis of 3 active antennas and one passive antena inside a city. The resulting ray tracing analysis can be very useful to determine antenna coverage.

newFASANT v6.2: Hands-On Demonstration of parametric/dynamic simulations
We present here an example of a dynamically created scenario, where a car moves along a path, creating 4 different cases that are automatically meshed and simulated.

NewFasant v6.2: Hands-On Demonstration of the new command-line
We show in this video some of the capabilities to generate and modify geometries using the new embedded terminal included in the new newFASANT release v6.2.

NewFasant v6.2: Multipole Antenna Demonstration
In this example we show how to use a multipole antenna instead of a physical antenna in a MoM simulation. It has some advantages such as an higher accuracy and less computational cost.

“Microwave Theory & Techniques” and “Antennas & Propagation” Societies Meeting
Prof. Felipe Cátedra, CEO of newFASANT and Professor at University of Alcalá, Madrid, Spain, will participate at “Microwave Theory & Techniques” and “Antennas & Propagation” Societies Meeting.

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