CHAFF: 3D RCS Analysis on Chaff Clouds

3D Analysis of the radar cross section (RCS) in rectangular, spherical or arbitrary Chaff Dipole clouds.

CHAFF is a parallelized computer tool for the 3D analysis of arbitrary spherical and rectangular dipole clouds.

This module allows for the computation of monostatic or bistatic RCS of arbitrary and parametric chaff clouds.

The solver is based on the Moment Method (MM) with FMLMP (Fast Multilevel Multipole) and provides excellent results. Domain Decomposition Technique is also included in order to increase the efficiency.

Spherical, ellipsoidal, cubical or customized chaff clouds can be created. The shape of the cloud, dipole length, radius, conductivity, etc. can be parametrized.

The output parameters are: 

  • Radiation pattern cuts.
  • 3D radiation pattern.
  • Thumb big captura2
  • Thumb big captura5
  • Thumb big captura30
  • Thumb big captura85

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