newFASANT Features

A project loaded in newFASANT's user interface.

User interface

The easiest way for simulating and meshing

Manipulate environmental parameters in your project using our assistants, wizards and control panels, allowing you to control every detail of the environment your project is being developed upon, and export results and high quality plots and diagrams in multiple formats, that can be used during development and research. Our intuitive design makes easy and fun exploring the features.

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An empty newFASANT project.

Geometry panel

A canvas for your creativity

Our geometric library has more than 100 commands with primitives and manipulating operations such as geometric boolean operations and operations for transforming points, curves and surfaces in your projects. Or, you can re-use models generated with other 3D software tools such as AutoDesk® or Rhinoceros® by importing files using popular geometric exchange formats, such as STEP or DXF.

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Commands executed in a console.

Design console

The mission control center for advanced users

Be a more efficient user by using the console to insert antennas and geometries in your tridimensional scenario, or perform other operations for manipulating geometries you've already placed in your project. Import and export scripts to perform in a matter of seconds repetitive operations you do frequently.

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A preferences pane in newFASANT.

Parametric Simulations

Mathematically parameterize a geometry

Execute multiple simulations using the same geometry or scenario. Change one or a few parameters, such as coordinates, sizes or angles, and analyze how different gradual changes in the structure or in the project settings can alter the results and the obtained graphs and charts.

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A chart presenting results.


Represent result traces using simulation data

The newFASANT processing tool will let you take the results of a simulation made using the software, and combine them using mathematical equations in order to create custom data views that mathematically change the values as you need.

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A router with multiple cables connected.

Remote simulations

Execute simulations in other systems

If you have a set of complex projects that you'd like to simulate in parallel in multiple systems, or if your workstation doesn't have enough system requirements to finish a simulation under acceptable time constraints, remote simulations let you send projects to other computers running a newFASANT Remote Server in order to simulate a project on a different system.

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