GTD: On board antennas 3D analysis

On board antennas 3D analysis and coverage parameters for radiocommunications systems.

GTD is a very efficient computer tool for:

  • the 3D analysis of antennas on board satellites, aircrafts and other complex bodies.
  • the 3D analysis of coverage and channel parameters (impulse response, CDMA analysis, Power delay profiles, etc.) in radio communications in urban, semi-urban environments and indoor communications. It can compute the levels of signal generate by one or several antennas placed inside or outside the building.

The program's kernel is based on Geometrical Optics (GO), Physical Optics (PO) and Uniform Theory of Diffraction. A combination of the Angular Z-Buffer (AZB), the Volumetric Space Partitioning (SVP) and the A* heuristic algorithm is applied for the ray-racing acceleration. 

Also, provides functionalities to dynamic and parametric simulations.

GTD can import geometries from many CAD tools such as: AutoCAD, Rhino, etc.

  • Thumb imagen3
  • Thumb satelliteshuttle raytracing

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