IR: Thermal and infrared analysis

Thermal and infrared analysis and radiation parameter calculations in terrestrial and maritimal simulations.

IR is a fast and precise software tool for performing thermal and infrared analyses in maritimal and terrestrial scenarios, that can be used to generate infrared images and to analyze thermal and radiation parameters.

Using the IR Module, the user will be able to describe a scenario for an infrared simulation, by defining multiple properties related to the different thermal sources present in the scenario, such as chimneys or sensors, that are attached to the 3D models that the user designs with the help of our advanced user interface.

This information is combined with the different environmental parameters that define the environment where the simulation is executed. A simulation can be adjusted depending on the atmosphere, wind, sun, geographical position, transmitance and the different atmospherical models, that affect the way in which thermal sources and the materials that compose the geometries absorb, radiate or reflect heat.

newFASANT allows you to get a wide angle of output results that will provide to you high quality analysis on the thermal parameters and other radiometry parameters in the designs, that can be used in a wide range of applications such as vehicle design, militar applications or the fabrication of manufactured products.

Using newFASANT's IR module, you will get different results:

  • A 3D Thermal Analyses that displays the computed values for the temperatures along the geometric scenario, that has been previously converted to a mesh prior to the simulation.
  • radiance analysis that allows to get the radiance value along the geometric scenario, previously converted to a mesh of reference points prior to the simulation.
  • Different spectral diagrams, evaluate the values of different spectral properties through the infrared spectrum wavelengths (7 to 14 micrometers). These spectral properties are the exitance, the radiance and the radiant intensity on different distances relative to the object that it's being simulated. 
  • An transmittance and a radiant intensity analysis made on different distances relative to the object being simulated, depending on the different observation points that are configured in the project settings prior to the simulation.

Like most of our modules, IR is completely parallelized with the objective of being as efficient as possible on multiprocessor systems. The IR module includes a mesher that will facet your tridimensional scenarios in order to build a mesh of points on which the calculations will be made during the simulation process.

IR Module is provided integrated into our newFASANT's user interface, an intuitive and unified user interface that allows the user to model and perform tridimensional designs, with all the specific and extra features that allows users to be more productive during their research or development.

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