MOM: Antenna and RCS Analysis and Design

3D analysis of complex and on board antennas, electromagnetic compatibility and RCS.

MOM is a parallelized computer tool for the 3D analysis of complex antennas, on board antennas, electromagnetic compatibility and radar cross section (RCS).

It is based on the Moment Method (MM) with FMLMP (Fast Multilevel Multipole) and provides excellent results. Macro basis functions (CBFs) and Domain Decomposition Technique are also included in order to increase the efficiency. Also, provides functionalities to dynamic and parametric simulations.

This module allows the efficient design of antennas and other structures due to:

  • Its parametric optimizer.
  • A large library of antenna primitives is available: horns, patches, helices, coaxial feed antennas, spirals, arrays, etc.

The user can easily build and optimize new antenna geometries. The output parameters are:

  • 3D radiation pattern.
  • Radiation pattern cuts.
  • Input impedance.
  • Antenna coupling.
  • Current and charge distributions.
  • Near field values.
  • Thumb imagen6
  • Thumb imagen7
  • Thumb imagen1
  • Thumb imagen2
  • Thumb imagen3
  • Thumb imagen4

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