PO: RCS Analysis based on Physical Optics

Radar Cross Section analysis of ellectricaly large and complex targets using Physcial Optics.

PO module of newFASANT can be used for Radar Cross Section analysis of complex targets of electrically large complex targets.


This module is based on Physical Optics (PO) and n-order of reflections can be considered and it is a parallelized, efficient, accurate and fast computer tool.

The targets can be formed by Perfect Electric Conductors (PEC), dielectric or magnetic materials or PEC covered by Radar Absorbing Material (RAM).

It can also handle the interaction of terrestrial or maritime targets with their surrounding environment. Also, provides functionalities to parametric simulations.

  • Thumb plane
  • Thumb plane rcs
  • Thumb tabarca
  • Thumb tabarca2
  • Thumb tabarca3

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