RADOME: Analysis and design of radomes

High precision design and analysis tool for single layer and multilayer radomes.

RADOME is a parallelized accurate and fast computer tool for the analysis of radomes, including multilayer radomes with embedded Frequency Selective surfaces.

A combination of PO and MoM is used in the simulations. Optimization features for the radome design are also included.

  • Thumb radomo corrientes radome mompo
  • Thumb radomo corrientes antenna mompo
  • Thumb radomo charge
  • Thumb radomo 3d radome mompo
  • Thumb radomo 3d antenna mompo
  • Thumb radome 7
  • Thumb radome 6
  • Thumb currents   step 1
  • Thumb currents   step 1
  • Thumb currentsradome
  • Thumb nose2
  • Thumb radiationpatternradome
  • Thumb 3d   glass 2
  • Thumb currents   helmet 2

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