REFLECTARRAYS: Reflectarray analysis and design

High precission design and analysis tool for reflectarray antenna systems using MOM.

REFLECTARRAYS is a very efficient computer tool for generating automatically the geometrical model of reflectarray Antennas taking into account some input parameters, such as the unit cell type and dimensions, frequency, focal length, periodicity, dielectric materials, and desired main beam radiating direction.

The implemented procedure also provides the phase characteristic of the unit element, which is rapidly computed by using a parallelized Moment Method (MoM) approach.

One of the advantages of our solver is that the discretized geometry totally fits the original shape of the structure, because it is composed of curved parametric surfaces. As a result, it provides accurate predictions of arbitrary metallic or dielectric 3D structures at low and high frequencies.

  • Thumb reflectarrays 1
  • Thumb reflectarrays 2
  • Thumb reflectarrays 3
  • Thumb reflectarrays 4
  • Thumb reflectarrays 6
  • Thumb radiationpattern

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