Anechoic chamber

NewFasant has access to an anechoic chamber including planar, cylindrical and spherical acquisition systems for the analysis and study of different types of antennas. The complete system is managed by controlling and processing software developed by NewFasant, which allows to obtain the far-field radiation patterns.

This equipment is necessary for a precise and accurate characterization of the antennas under study, where the measurement procedures validate the results yield by our electromagnetic simulation tools

The anechoic chambers assure controlled and optimal conditions under which the measurements can be considered the reference to be used for the previously mentioned validation.

Main Features

The main anechoic chamber features, are listed below.

Size 6,1m (L) x 4m (W) x 3,6m (H)
Size door 1,15m (W) x 2m (H)
Measurement frequency range 500 MHz – 40 GHz
Precision positioning systems Below 0.1 millimeters
Instrumentation Agilent (up to 40 GHz)
Exploration Systems
  • Plane: near field.
  • Cylindrical: near field.
  • Spherical: near and far field (up to 5 m).
In-House development software
  • Configuration of the measuring instrument.
  • Timing and positioning motor control.
  • Processing and far field transformation.

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