ULTRA-CONFORMED: Design of deformed reflectors

Analysis and design of smoothly and gently deformed flat metallic surfaces.

ULTRA-CONFORMED REFLECTOR is an efficient and accurate computer tool used to design flat metallic surfaces, gently deformed to modify the path length of the incident waves and achieve a progressive phase shift that provides a collimated or shaped beam in the desired direction.

The module permits:

  • Pointing the main lobe in any direction.
  • The user defined contour beams in a similar way as reflectarrays.
  • Easily offset configurations: frequency, size, focus, steering ...

Compared to reflectarray antennas: 

  • The design process is faster, because we do not need the design of radiating elements.
  • The manufacturing process is simpler, since any layout does not have to be fabricated.
  • Thumb ultra conformado 1
  • Thumb ultra conformado 2
  • Thumb ultra conformado 3
  • Thumb ultra conformado 4
  • Thumb ultra conformado 5

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