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newFASANT is a very powerful electromagnetic simulation software tool, which is based on several state-of-the-art computational electromagnetic (CEM) techniques. The software suite is updated frequently, and the updates include the introduction of new features in the kernels and GUI as well as bug fixes. We place special emphasis on the development of the usability of our products by our customers. There are a number of modules that have been specially designed to address specific problems which pose a bottleneck for the user when using a conventional, general-purpose solver that are due to the complexity of the design.

With newFASANT you can solve a wide range of applied electromagnetic problems in the fields of antenna analysis and design, RCS analysis of user specified geometries, electromagnetic compatibility analysis of user defined circuits or systems, radio propagation in urban environments, analysis of on-board antennas, military circuit and system applications, and many more that are unique to individual users for their CEM applications.

We also offer customized solutions: If the solution for your needs is not available in the current release, then newFASANT is ready to develop the right tool for you!


newFASANT is a software suite composed of multiple products. All of our products are integrated into our unified and common user interface.

These are the different products that are developed and maintained by us and available for release to our users and customers or as a customized solution.

  • GTD Module icon
    On board antennas 3D analysis and coverage parameters for radiocommunications systems.
  • MOM Module icon
    3D analysis of complex and on board antennas, electromagnetic compatibility and RCS.
  • PO Module icon
    Radar Cross Section analysis of ellectricaly large and complex targets using Physcial Optics.
  • ISAR Module icon
    Complex targets radar image generation using Inverse Synthetic Aperture Radar (ISAR) techniques.
  • CHAFF Module icon
    3D Analysis of the radar cross section (RCS) in rectangular, spherical or arbitrary Chaff Dipole clouds.
  • MONCROS Module icon
    Parallelized 3D Radar Cross Section (RCS) analysis using the Method of Moments technique.
    Analysis and design of reflection and transmission coefficients in periodical structures and metamaterials.
  • IR Module icon
    Thermal and infrared analysis and radiation parameter calculations in terrestrial and maritimal simulations.
  • GTD-PO Module icon
    V2V communication and autonomous driving systems & RCS analysis of complex bodies and large urban environments.

Design tools

newFASANT offers many design tools to enhance the productivity and performance of the simulation when our customers use our products.

These design tools address specific problems which pose a bottleneck for the user when using general-purpose solvers due to the complexity of the design.

  • DOPPLER Module icon
    Doppler frequency shift analysis in electrically large and complex bodies for MOM/PO simulations.
  • RADOME Module icon
    High precision design and analysis tool for single layer and multilayer radomes.
  • REFLECTARRAYS Module icon
    High precission design and analysis tool for reflectarray antenna systems using MOM.
  • CIRCUIT ANALYSIS Module icon
    Analysis and design of planar and microstrip circuits, waveguide circuits and wire antennas arrays.
  • ULTRA-CONFORMED Module icon
    Analysis and design of smoothly and gently deformed flat metallic surfaces.
  • MIMO Module icon
    Design, characterize, and optimize MIMO antenna systems simulations in GTD projects.

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