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Create a rectangular waveguide centered at the origin

This script creates a rectangular waveguide centered at the origin

Thumb slotwaveguide Thumb slotwaveguide nf
#	 newFASANT script file 
#	Creates a rectangular waveguide centered at the origin
#	with the following specifications:
#		L: Lenght along X axis
#		W: Weith along Y axis
#		H: Heigth along Z axis
#		The upper face contains N rectangular holes equispaced
#		along the longitudinal axis
#		xSlot: Length of the slots alonx X dimension
#		ySlot: With of the slots along Y dimension
#		N: number of slots that are equispaces in X dimension (maximum 50 for this example)
#		T: Period between adjacent slots in X dimension
#	Parameters with fixed values

set L {1.0}
set W {0.1}
set H {0.05}
set xSlot {0.002}
#	Parameters with variable values

set ySlot {0.02,0.08}#List of all possible values

set N {10.0, 30.0}#List of all possible values
#	Parameters that depends on other ones

set T  = L/N
#	Auxiliary parameters defined automatically

set $1  = -L/2
set $2  = -W/2
set $3  = -H/2
set $4  = (T-L-xSlot)/2
set $5  = -ySlot/2
#	Rectangular waveguide

box -n box -p $1 $2 $3 L W H
explode -s box
delete -s box_3 box_5
group -s box_1 box_2 box_4 box_6 -n guide
#	Boxes array to generate the slots

box -n hole -p $4 $5 0.0 xSlot ySlot H
array -s hole -n holes -p 50 1 1 0.0 0.0 0.0 T 0.0 0.0
booleanOutside -s -objectA guide -objectB hole holes_1_0_0 holes_2_0_0 holes_3_0_0 holes_4_0_0 holes_5_0_0 holes_6_0_0 holes_7_0_0 holes_8_0_0 holes_9_0_0 holes_10_0_0 holes_11_0_0 holes_12_0_0 holes_13_0_0 holes_14_0_0 holes_15_0_0 holes_16_0_0 holes_17_0_0 holes_18_0_0 holes_19_0_0 holes_20_0_0 holes_21_0_0 holes_22_0_0 holes_23_0_0 holes_24_0_0 holes_25_0_0 holes_26_0_0 holes_27_0_0 holes_28_0_0 holes_29_0_0 holes_30_0_0 holes_31_0_0 holes_32_0_0 holes_33_0_0 holes_34_0_0 holes_35_0_0 holes_36_0_0 holes_37_0_0 holes_38_0_0 holes_39_0_0 holes_40_0_0 holes_41_0_0 holes_42_0_0 holes_43_0_0 holes_44_0_0 holes_45_0_0 holes_46_0_0 holes_47_0_0 holes_48_0_0 holes_49_0_0 -n waveguide

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