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Centro de Scripts y Funciones de Usuario

Crear una cruz de Jerusalen

Este script crea una cruz de Jerusalén con tamaños predefinidos diseñados para trabajar a la frecuencia de diseño, puediendo adaptar los parametros para que pueda trabajar a diferentes frecuencias

Thumb jerusalemcross Thumb jerusalemcross nf
#	 newFASANT script file 
#	It is ready to be loaded working on MILLIMETER units
#	Creates a Jerusalem Cross with predefined sizes designed
#	to work at the design frequency. It may be scaled to adapt it
#	at different frequencies.
#	The following specifications are listed:
#		f: final design frequency (6 GHz, by default)
#		a: central arms size (5.04 mm, by default)
#		b: side arms size (10.4 mm, by default)
#		t1: central arms thickness (1.89 mm, by default)
#		t2: side arms thickness (0.63 mm, by default)
#		fDesign: design frequency
#		scale: factor to adapt the design fro fDesign to f
#	Parameters with fixed values

set f {6.0}# Changes just this parameter to the final frequency (in GHz)

set fDesign {6.0}
set scale  = fDesign/f
set a  = 5.04*scale
set b  = 10.4*scale
set t1  = 1.89*scale
set t2  = 0.63*scale
#	Auxiliary parameters defined automatically

set $1  = -t1/2
set $2  = t1/2
set $3  = -a-t1/2
set $5  = a+t1/2
set $4  = -b/2
set $6  = -a-t2-t1/2
#	Creates the cross arms with nine rectangular surfaces
#	They are created with the plane command, with the name of resulting objects (-n)
#	and its geometric parameters (-p) (lower X Y Z corner, and X Y Z sizes)

plane -n Central -p $1 $1 0.0 t1 t1
plane -n CentralArmRight -p $2 $1 0.0 a t1
plane -n CentralArmTop -p $1 $2 0.0 t1 a
plane -n CentralArmLeft -p $3 $1 0.0 a t1
plane -n CentralArmBottom -p $1 $3 0.0 t1 a
plane -n SideArmRight -p $5 $4 0.0 t2 b
plane -n SideArmTop -p $4 $5 0.0 b t2
plane -n SideArmLeft -p $6 $4 0.0 t2 b
plane -n SideArmBottom -p $4 $6 0.0 b t2
#	Group the cross surfaces in an only object

group -s Central CentralArmRight CentralArmTop CentralArmLeft CentralArmBottom SideArmRight SideArmTop SideArmLeft SideArmBottom -n JerusalemCross

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