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11.6. Doppler Spectrum

This menu offers various options to analyze the Doppler Spectrum through the observation points previously defined in the Output section.

The following options are available:

  • Chart: Display a plot that relates the Doppler spectrum.
  • Text Files: Displays the numeric results obtained in the simulation process in text format.


11.6.1. Chart

This command plots the Doppler frequency shift computed. Several cuts and frequencies can be plotted in the same graphic. To plot a graph, the user can select the source and observation point. A new graph will be plotted with the button 'Add Series'. In the case that the user has set up a parametrized geometry (see the Geometry User Guide for details), it is possible to select the step to visualize the results for.

It is also possible to delete a series that is selected by the user from the list with the 'Remove Series'. The display option also allows changing the color of the series and display points. The buttons 'Import Series' and 'Export Series' are used for importing and exporting the selected series in 'List of Series' to a text file.

This panel displays a plot with the results and several options for adding and removing extra series from the plot.

When initially open, the panel will display a default series in the plot that will represent the measurements for a particular component, antenna, observation point and step. More series can be added, by selecting component and step in the control panel that appears on the left side of the plot.

  • Step: the parametric step to select. These should have been defined prior to the calculation when designing the simulation.
  • Antenna group: The antenna to show the doppler spectrum results for. The user can select a specific antenna group or they can choose to show the results for all antennas.
  • Observation group: The observation points group that contains the point that the user wants to see the results for.
  • Observation point: The observation point to visualize the results for. This drop-down list shows the observation points included in the selected observation group.

Doppler Spectrum Panel

Doppler Spectrum panel


11.6.2. Text Files

When the user selects this option, the following panel will appear:

View Text Files panel

View Text Files panel

In this panel, the user can select the step, the source and the observation point the results will be shown for. Then, the text file is generated and opened with newFASANT text file viewer.

Visualizing Doppler Spectrum as Text

Showing the result text file

The user can export the text file by selecting the "Save as..." button.


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