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newFASANT offers you 3 kinds of EM newFASANT versions fully adjusted to your needs and your budget

newFASANT is launching a breathtaking campaign, offering now the full EM newFASANT Gold version*, capable of addressing the vast majority of your... Read More

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newFASANT is a multiplatform EM computer tool.

You can use newFASANT with several operating systems: Windows 64 bits, MAC and Linux.   In addition to this, newFASANT allows the remote... Read More

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newFASANT is looking for a distributor of its software in North America

Would you like to become a distributor of newFASANT products in North AmericaPlease contact with us or Read More

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Why newFASANT?

newFASANT is a very powerful electromagnetic simulation software tool, which is based on several state-of-the-art computational electromagnetic (CEM) techniques. The software suite is updated frequently, and the updates include the introduction of new features in the kernels and GUI as well as bug fixes. We place special emphasis on the development of the usability of our products by our customers. There are a number of modules that have been specially designed to address specific problems which pose a bottleneck for the user when using a conventional, general-purpose solver that are due to the complexity of the design.


With newFASANT you can solve a wide range of applied electromagnetic problems in the fields of antenna analysis and design, RCS analysis of user specified geometries, electromagnetic compatibility analysis of user defined circuits or systems, radio propagation in urban environments, analysis of on-board antennas, military circuit and system applications, and many more that are unique to individual users for their CEM applications.

We are proud to care for our customers by offering update notifications, online seminars, demo videos, complete Module and Training manuals with examples and many more.

We also offer customized solutions: If the solution for your needs is not available in the current release, then newFASANT is ready to develop the right tool for you!

newFASANT's team are recognized pioneers’ in the application of high frequency techniques, ray-tracing, and MoM solutions using realistic representations of user geometries by means of models created by NURBS (non-uniform rational basis spline) algorithms.

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